Kitchen Renovations:

How to Utilize Space to Cook Efficiently

Kitchen remodeling is a very exciting project for many homeowners, whether you are a professional chef, a stay-at-home parent or simply someone whose family spends ample time in the kitchen. However, if you have not done your homework on the kitchen remodel basics, you are guaranteed to encounter problems along the way.


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5 Kitchen Remodeling Do’s & Don’ts

Rediscover the joys of being in your kitchen with the following 5 kitchen remodeling do’s and don’ts, designed to help you utilize space to cook more efficiently:

  1. Plan your “working triangle” – This is an area of the kitchen where the majority of the work takes place. The 3 points of the triangle are the sink, stove, and refrigerator, and these must be in an efficient location in relation to one another. The sink is typically situated in the middle, and hence it must have easy access to the other parts of the triangle.
  2. Plan your counter space – Ideally, there should be counter space on both sides of the sink and on at least one side of the stove. When planning your counter space, it also serves to bear in mind the appliances and other items that will be permanently located on the counter to prevent a tedious invasion of the workspace.
  3. Consider your typical kitchen activity – This includes not only the workflow but also the foot traffic and all other uses of the space. For the most efficient design, it is crucial to account for things like multiple cooks, sorting groceries, eating at different times of day, socialization and children’s homework.
  4. Designate “zones” – In an ideal kitchen, there is a separate zone for preparatory tasks, cooking, cleaning, and putting away. The zones should be designated based on your natural kitchen workflow, making efficient use of the “working triangle” and surrounding countertops.
  5. Create a system for storage – Having a storage system for every step in the cooking process is one of the simplest ways to make the kitchen more efficient. There is a wide range of storage options available for every budget, including pullout shelves, Lazy Susans, open vertical storage, drawer dividers and much more.

What are the Biggest Kitchen Remodeling Mistakes I Need to Avoid?

Consider these 5 pitfalls that some of our clients have run into when doing DIY kitchen renovations without proper planning:

  1. Ignoring the “working triangle” – We cannot stress enough how critical the triangle is to the efficient use of your kitchen. When you place the sink, stove and refrigerator too close together or too far apart, you not only impede your daily workflow but also make your kitchen inefficient for cooking and other tasks in the long term.
  2. Not maximizing counter space – A major flaw in a kitchen remodeling plan is only allowing sufficient space for cooking, or placing countertops in the wrong areas. Something as simple as not having a place next to the oven to set down a heavy turkey can disrupt your entire workflow.
  3. Forgetting about function – Focusing on the finishing touches often diverts attention from what is truly important in a kitchen remodel. A cabinet that opens the wrong way or an overly large kitchen island is a recipe for disaster.
  4. Selecting appliances last – Imagine building your perfect kitchen only to find that the appliances you have purchased do not fit the designated spaces. It is much easier to fit countertops and cabinets around existing appliances than attempting to do the opposite.
  5. Forgetting to personalize – Many would say that the kitchen (not the family room) is the heart of the home, which is why it must be designed for the needs of your individual family’s needs. Remember: Trends and expert tips only go so far, and not every suggestion is right for every family.

Who Can Help with My Kitchen Renovations in Toronto?

If you are ready to maximize the efficiency of your cooking space – and get it done right the first time – please do not hesitate to contact the Norseman Construction & Development team today! We are the local expert in all aspects of kitchen renovations with over 10 years of experience, and we are always happy to address your questions or concerns.

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