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One of the best things about the holiday season is getting to see all your family and friends, which often means providing accommodations for overnight visitors. Whether they are coming from the opposite side of Ontario or halfway across the world, whether you live in a large multi-room mansion or a small apartment, you want to ensure that your honoured guests are absolutely comfortable throughout the duration of their stay with you.

All of us at Norseman Construction & Development want you and your guests to have a pleasant holiday, which is why we have would like to offer our expert advice on how to make room for your holiday guests in your home as well as in your daily routine:

  • Start with preparing their room. If you do not have a designated guest room, rearrange your home office, a child’s playroom or another miscellaneous space so that it can comfortably accommodate your guests.
  • Set up a sofa bed or an air mattress in the room, make sure it has an adequate amount of closet space, and establish easy access to books, your Wi-Fi password, and anything else they might need. This saves them from having to ask you for things all the time.
  • If storage space is limited, consider emptying a shelf on a bookcase or a desk drawer onto which your guests can unpack their clothing.
  • Create a space in your living room where your guests can relax throughout the day and not feel limited to their designated bedroom.
  • Schedules, schedules, schedules! Create a schedule for yourself with your guests’ arrival and departure times, including when they need to be driven to and from the airport or train station. Also, supply your guests with your household schedule to prevent any misunderstandings during morning “rush hour.”
  • This ensures that your home is prepared for your guests’ arrival in a timely manner, and that they have plenty of room for their own morning preparations.
  • Carefully evaluate your home’s common areas to eliminate potential hazards. For example, you may know to step around that loose floorboard, but if your guests are caught unawares they will surely trip.
  • Designate a shelf and/or cupboard in your bathroom and kitchen – don’t forget the refrigerator! – allowing your guests to organize their toiletries, food and other items to truly feel at home. Pre-stock these spaces with anything they might need when they arrive.
  • Create ample space for daily meals as well as your Christmas dinner. If your dining room table is too small, consider placing a sheet of plywood over it and stabilize it with stools on either end.
  • If your guests have children, go through this list again, this time making sure that your home is child-friendly in every way.
  • When your guests are due to arrive, empty the coat closet in your front entryway for your guests’ coats, scarves and other winter accessories. Then, find an easily accessible, temporary home for your own outwear.
  • Designate a space in your front entryway where your guests can remove their shoes and perhaps change into slippers.


The holidays are a time for happiness and fun – the last thing you want is for them to be stressful. We hope that these tips help you achieve a smooth and comfortable visit for you and your overnight guests. Happy Holidays!


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