Out with the old, in with the new! Springtime is fast approaching, and with it comes spring cleaning in a variety of forms: You might be preparing to clean out your closet to freshen up your style, or perhaps you are planning to thoroughly clean your house of all of winter’s dust and gloom.

Why not go one step further and decorate your home both inside and out to truly give it a fresh, new look? In fact, Easter is only one month away, so why not take this opportunity to get your home ready for celebrating with family and friends?

The following are a few great spring decorating ideas that we think all homeowners should try this season:


  • Bring blue skies indoors by repainting your ceilings the pale blue of early spring. If you are feeling brave, perhaps you may even consider the brilliant blue of summer. Nothing can brighten up a space like a painted ceiling.


  • Keeping in mind your budget, consider refreshing the room’s furnishings and/or décor to complement the new season. Colour schemes go a long way in offering a sense of elegance and style to a room without taking away from your personalization and comfort.

spring colour pallet

  • Flowers galore! Bring spring into your home by investing in a few colourful potted plants. Tulips, violets and daffodils can add an instant splash of colour to any room, instantly lifting your spirits in anticipation of the new season. The only thing to remember with potted plants is that they require love and care in order to grow.


  • Add decorative accents to your home in the pastel colours associated with Easter. From throw pillows to painted artificial eggs, pastels can greatly enhance the “mood” of your home environment without being too overwhelming.

spring pillows

  • Wreaths are no longer just for Christmas! You can purchase or even build your own wreath with springtime greenery and flowers to hang on your door. To signify your preparedness for Easter, you can also incorporate miniature artificial eggs of various colors into your design.


  • Spring is the perfect time for repairing or replacing your roof. Once you are no longer expecting any snowstorms, have your roof carefully inspected for leaks, poor insulation, and any other potential problems. Did you know that the soffit and fascia make a major difference in your roof’s and overall home’s well-being?

spring wreath

  • Consider repainting the exterior of your home. Whether it is only the accents – such as the borders of the roof, window shutters, front door, etc. – or the entire exterior, nothing can completely renew your home’s outer appearance like a fresh coat of paint.


  • Get a head start on preparing your front and back lawn for outdoor activities during the warmer months. This winter has been kind to most residents of the GTA, yet even the mildest winters leave a trail of debris that must be cleaned up to fully awaken your property from its winter slumber.


Many of these projects are simple enough for most homeowners to undertake on their own. However, you can’t go wrong by obtaining professional help with some of your larger spring renovation plans. At Norseman Construction & Development, an entire team of Toronto’s most skilled and experienced professionals await your call!

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