Eliminating Drafts

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no Comment.    Jan 18, 2016 | 11:03 am

How to Keep Your House Warm in These Cold Winter Months Many homeowners associate winter with shoveling snow several times a day, dealing with broken tree branches after a severe storm, and other outdoor problems. However, what about the indoor problems associated with winter? One major indoor problem that you may encounter is a drafty house: You and your family never seem to feel warm enough no matter how high you set your thermostat, yet your energy bills are steadily climbing throughout the winter months. Do not replace your HVAC system yet! Instead, try locating and eliminating drafts around your home using the following tips that we find useful. Eliminating Drafts: Windows are the most common source of drafts, particularly in older homes. Move your hand along the window frame to check for a cold breeze that could be coming through virtually invisible gaps. If found, consider applying weather strips…

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