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Do you find your living space getting cramped as your family is growing? Get more room without the stress of moving out of your home and favourite neighbourhood. We specialize in home additions in Toronto. Adding on to your home may be the perfect solution to get your dream home without leaving the home you love.

Home additions include top-up additions (also called second floor additions) and rear additions. Like a custom home, homeowners can fit their home addition to their needs, taste and budget.

Get more room at a lower cost

When considering expanding your home, think about the needs it currently doesn’t meet. What rooms do you want to add? Are there any rooms you want expanded? You may need another bedroom or a second living space; or you may want to add an ensuite, expand your kitchen or add a second-floor laundry room. The cost of a home addition is generally cheaper than moving to a larger home or designing a custom home. Home additions also increase the value of your house.

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To help you decide whether a home addition is right for you, we’ve answered some frequently asked questions:

Is it better to move or extend your home?

This is a difficult decision during which you should address several factors, such as your location and the costs involved in each undertaking. When moving to a new home, not only do you need to consider the cost of the home itself but also the costs involved in a relocation. In addition, you are likely to end up performing renovations on a new home in order to customize it for your family’s lifestyle. You also need to consider whether you want to leave your current neighbourhood. If you are happy with the location of your home, an addition might be the better option.
The bottom line: A home addition is a cheaper and more efficient way to to increase your living space while staying in your preferred neighbourhood and avoiding the stress and inconvenience of moving.

How much value does an extension add to a house?

According to the Appraisal Institute of Canada, a home addition can add up to a staggering 50-75% to a home’s total value. However, this can only happen if the home improvement planning involves a well-executed design that combines your needs as a homeowner with the aesthetic standards of your neighbourhood.

Should I add a second floor to my house?

The choice to create a top-up addition greatly depends on a number of factors, including the type of rooms you are looking to add – an extra bedroom vs. a sunroom, for instance – as well as your preferred architectural style, budget and schedule. It is also important to consider the extensive process and potentially high costs of restructuring your home’s entire layout.
Check out our top-up additions:

Can I add another floor to my bungalow?

Yes – in fact, this type of home improvement has increased in popularity among bungalow owners in recent years. This provides you with the opportunity to double your living space and increase your property’s value without the expense of moving.

Should I add a rear extension to my house?

Building a rear addition depends on a series of considerations, including the Front Yard, Side and Rear Setbacks as stated in Toronto’s zoning by-laws. These Setbacks outline the allowable size of the addition as well as its proximity to fences and other dwellings, whether or not the side wall has doors or windows, and much more. A rear addition is also a less expensive renovation option than a top-up addition.

Do home additions require permits or committee of adjustment?

Yes – any home improvement project that involves substantial changes to a home’s structure or layout requires a permit from the City of Toronto. When you are looking to make changes that do not conform to the city’s harmonized zoning by-law, you still have the option to apply to the committee of adjustment. Minor changes are addressed through the Minor Variance application, while major changes are addressed through the Zoning By-law Amendment application.

Why should you choose us?

Working with Norseman Construction & Development means a firm assurance that every aspect of the project will be handled with skill and efficiency. We will take the time to understand your distinct needs and create a design that minimizes the costs while maximizing the functionality of your new home. We will procure all required permits on your behalf or handle the committee of adjustment if applicable. Once your home improvement is complete, you will have the extra space you have always wanted along with improved curb appeal and a higher property value.

Proudly offering our professional expertise for renovations across Toronto, including The Beaches and East York, we are here to ensure that your home addition is a precise fit for the needs of your entire family. To learn more, please contact us by phone at 647-435-5433 or complete our online quote request today!

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