Architecture & Floor Plans

Norseman Construction & Development is proud to offer top-notch custom home services.

Norseman 6-Step Diagram

Proudly serving Toronto and surrounding areas, we have created a comprehensive strategy for the design of your dream home.

Through our transparent policy, we not only allow but encourage our customers to be well-informed about every aspect of the home design process. Whether it is a top-up addition, a home extension, or a new build — we can do it all.

Our comprehensive design process involves:

  • Survey Coordination to fit your construction potential
  • Architectural drawings complete with interior pictorial mapping using next gen equipment
  • Heat loss calculations paired with your drawings that actually make sense.
  • Reflected ceiling plans that line up with your drawings
  • Zoning Bylaw review
  • Pre Construction budget proformas paired against your drawings so you know how much your project will cost with each change
  • Engineering assessment paired with your drawings and Budgeted against your proforma to fit your budget.
  • Interior Design services
  • Permit Submission and city Coordination

If you would like to learn more about our comprehensive home design process, or if you would like us to get started on designing your new home anywhere in the Toronto area, contact us today!


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