Renovations & Additions

Norseman Construction & Development is proud to offer top-notch custom home services.

Adding to your home may be the perfect solution to get your dream home without leaving the home and neighborhood you love.

We believe that buildings, houses, and spaces in general are more than the sum of their parts, so we constantly seek to achieve a synthesis of design, function, and context. Our work is uniquely adapted to each project, but we always seek to combine beauty and meaning by putting people at the center of the design.

As a leader in custom home improvement, Norseman Construction & Development specializes in the creation of functional yet aesthetic home additions for numerous homeowner needs. Our team will take the time to understand your distinct needs and create a design that minimizes the costs while maximizing the functionality of your new home.

In addition, we will procure all required permits on your behalf or handle the committee of adjustment if applicable. Once your home improvement is complete, you will have the extra space you have always wanted along with improved curb appeal and a higher property value.

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